Terms and conditions

Dr. Taha Sönmez has an excellent reputation in plastic surgery and sees its terms and conditions as an important part of his services. Dr. While Sönmez sets strict and advanced standards to ensure the safety and satisfaction of patients, it attaches great importance to achieving natural results and effectively meeting patients’ expectations. Dr. Sönmez offers its services based on professionalism and ethical values, and does not neglect to follow up its patients starting from the diagnosis stage and after the surgical intervention. He explains expected results and recommended steps in a clear and understandable manner, while carefully evaluating each patient’s situation. Dr. The medical team at Sönmez’s clinic takes care to provide patients with a safe and comfortable environment, while fully respecting patients’ privacy and rights. Dr. Sönmez’s clinic is recognized as a leading center providing aesthetic services worldwide, while the medical team has extensive experience and specialized training in various areas of aesthetic surgery.